O MacGuffin: Woody

quinta-feira, março 17, 2005


Woody Allen em entrevista ao FT:

“I found that out years ago. I had come home after people said, ‘Oh this movie is so brilliant.’ And I’d still be at home lonely, and still be obsessed that I think I have a brain tumour, or that I’m unable to get a date with a girl. And equally when I’d come out with a movie and everyone said, ‘It’s terrible, it’s a failure,’ it didn’t mean a thing. Next morning I’ll be out on the street and nobody said, ‘You can’t come over to my house!’ If you’re doing something for six months at a stretch like making a film, the work has to be fun for its own sake. If it isn’t, you’d better re-examine your life.”

“FT: What artwork would you take to a desert island?
Woody Allen: An album of jazz.
FT: Not the Sistine Chapel? War and Peace?
Woody Allen: No. How many times can you read War and Peace? And the Sistine Chapel is worth a look, then it’s over. But music enters you through different openings, it’s so purely pleasurable. I’ve listened to some albums over and over, literally hundreds of times, with tears in my eyes.”

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