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quarta-feira, março 16, 2005


Kings Of Convenience
"If you want to be my friend,
and you want us to get along
please do not expect me to wrap it up
and keep it there.
The observation I am doing
could easily be understood
as cynical demeanour,
but one of us misread
what do you know,
it happened again.
A friend is not a mean
you utilize to get somewhere,
somehow didn't notice,
friendship is an end
what do you know,
it happened again.
How come no one told me,
all throughout history,
the loneliest people were the ones
who always spoke their truth
the ones who made a difference
withstanding indifference.
I guess it's up to me now.
Should I take that risk, or just smile?
What do you know,
it happened again."

(Este disco nunca mais saiu de perto do meu leitor. Já lá vão seis meses. Há discos assim. Não me perguntem porquê.)

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