O MacGuffin: Modelo de carta a utilizar amiúde (vai dar muito jeito)

sábado, dezembro 04, 2004

Modelo de carta a utilizar amiúde (vai dar muito jeito)

[resposta de Auberon Waugh a Lionel Grigson (filho do poeta Geoffrey Grigson), depois de Lionel o ter atacado por causa de uma notícia no The Guardian, a qual incluía Auberon entre os signatários de uma carta aberta dirigida contra o Catholic Institute of International Relations, pelo seu (do instituto) pendor pró-guerrilha na Rodésia – carta transcrita na página 434 do livro ‘Fathers and Sons’ de Alexander Waugh, que acabei de ler enquanto aguardava a chegada de Maria Filomena Mónica ao Clube Bota Rasa, à Praça do Giraldo, para uma apresentação pública de As Farpas, leitura única e prazenteiramente interrompida por Luís Carmelo, que tomou a iniciativa de me interpelar para nos conhecermos finalmente!]

Dear Mr Grigson,

How queer that I have no recollection of signing any letter about Rhodesia and think it most unlikely that I did so, but as I have not seen the piece in the Guardian Diary to which you refer, I do not really know what you are talking about. I seem to remember signing a letter complaining about the impertinence of the Catholic Institute of International Relations in presuming to speak for the Catholic Church. I should also suppose that only a moral cretin would support terrorist activities in Rhodesia, however just their aims. But I have never written on the subject of Rhodesia, despite writing three articles a week on current affairs for the last ten years, for the good reason that, unlike you, I have never been able to decide the exact rights and wrongs of the situation there. So when you say you have noticed a pro-Rhodesia tendency in my writing, you are talking rubbish.
You are right when you suggest that whatever gratitude I may owe to your father for his devotion to English literature over the last 50 years does not extend to his son, of whom I have never heard until this moment. I would write in stronger terms except that I suspect you may be mad, when you write these pompous, twerpish letters to complete strangers and sign them ‘Yours coldly’. So I will end with a cordial invitation to piss off, or as the Americans say, go fuck yourself.

Yours sincerely,
Auberon Waugh

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