O MacGuffin: Don

segunda-feira, outubro 12, 2009


“The Greeks right again. The light indeed pours from our eyes – its little, dim, narrow human light: we stand before the world like a projectionist behind his dusty cone of shadows, illuminating only what we already know.”

“The worst thing about thinking nothing of yourself is that you assume that your behaviour has no consequences. This makes you much more dangerous than the egomaniac, who at least spends all his time calculating for his own effect.”

“Blessed is the wrongdoer who makes no attempt to justify his actions by anything than pure evil.”

“Only the mad are safe from doubt. I am always bewildered by those who regard a revised opinion as a sign of weakness; it strikes me as a fine guarantee of the commentator’s sanity.”

Don Paterson in The Blind Eye (Faber and Faber Limited, 2007)

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