O MacGuffin: We All Know

sexta-feira, julho 01, 2005

We All Know

Devendra Banhart is in the box.

We All Know
We all know
That the wind blows
And the moon glows
And our lungs grow

We belong to the floating hand
That's made by some animals

And we all dance so
We can let go
And we move close
And trade lows

Like the type of tongue that roots from your breast
And it shakes your pretty little clavicle

A good friend
Is walking
To a homeland
And inside land

And to him I said
You can leave your eyes at the horizon's dead door
'Cause you won't need them anymore

The children
Spins the dawn in
And the morning

They reappeared as a seed of love
You know the earth births the vegetables

We all know
We all know
We all know
We all know

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