O MacGuffin: It hasn’t happened yet

sexta-feira, fevereiro 18, 2005

It hasn’t happened yet

(William Shatner/Bem Folds)
I was crossing the snowfields in front of the Capitol Building
It was Christmas and I was alone
Strange city
Strangers for friends
And I was broke
As the carillon sang its song, I dreamt of success
I would be the best
I would make my folks proud
I would be happy
It hasn’t happened yet

Yes, there are nods in my direction
Clap of hands
A knowing smile
But still
I’m scared again
Foot slipped
Pebbles fall and so did I, almost
(I’m high) on Yosemite, the big grey wall (fear of falling)
Where to put my foot next (fear of failure)
I’m afraid I’m gonna fall (be at one with the mountain)
I whispered in the air
(fear of falling, fear of failure, fear of losing my hair, falling)
When is the mountain scaled?
When do I feel I haven’t failed?
I’ve got to get it together man
It hasn’t happened yet
It hasn’t happened yet
It hasn’t happened

People come up and say hello
Okay, I can get to the front of the line
But you have to ignore the looks and yet
I’m waiting for that feeling of contentment
That ease at night when you put your head down
and the rhythms slow to sleep
My head sways and eyes start awake
I am there not halfway between sleep and death
but looking into eyes wide open
Trying to remember
What I might have done
Should have done
At my age I need serenity
I need peace
It hasn’t happened yet
It hasn’t happened yet
It hasn’t happened yet
It hasn’t happened

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